Translator's Track Record
Romuald Pawlikowski - translating experience

Currently working as a full-time freelance translator of Web, Internet, e-Business content and localizing international software from English to Polish (see technical background). Download the most recent CV in PDF format.

Dec 2003

Samsung, Xerox and Ricoh printer setup applications and documentation localization

Nov-Dec 2003 Opel and Daewoo, service manuals
Nov 2003

Siemens cell phone user's manual

Nov 2003

Translation of a training course on LeanSixSigma methods. Localization of PowerPoint presentations.

Oct 2003

Crown forklifts service and operation manuals, PageMaker 6.5 files.

Sept 2003

Karyotyping laboratory media descriptions.

Sept 2003

Oce printer user's manuals.

Sept 2003

Fellowes computer peripherals.

August, 2003

Wacker construction equipment manuals.

June, 2003

Dell wireless network adapter user's manual.

May-June, 2003

Translation of medicine leaflets database (72,000 words).

April-May, 2003

Banking and telecommunication billing software & documentation

April, 2003

Translation of TV broadcasting presentation (PowerPoint).

April, 2003

Translation of medical diagnostic software (for Siemens hardware).

March, 2003

Translation of Nokia user's manual.

Feb-Mar, 2003

Translation of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio on-line help.

January, 2003

Translation of Opel's new models launch marketing materials.

Nov-Dec, 2003 Edustrada's Web Based Training (WBT) system, documentation and courses
October, 2002

MSDN knowledge base articles

September, 2002

Providing Polish translation and comments to The Business Translator, published by Aspatore, Inc. ISBN 1-58762-025-1

August, 2002

Dell computer systems manuals

April, 2002

Translation of manuals for printing processes

November, 2001

Localized Web site

June, 2001

Localized TextPad 4.5 GUI and help online to Polish. TextPad is a multipurpose editing program. (See TextPad home site for more information).


DomData Software & Consulting, Localization Department

Developed translation support software.


Contracted by Business Service Translating Office, Poznan

Types of documents translated:

  • Legal commercial contracts
  • Technical documentation of food processing (for CPC "Amino", Poznan)
  • Documentation for other technological processes
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Environment state regulations

Contracted by ABC, Translating Office, Poznan

Types of documents translated:

  • Municipal environment development plans
  • Printer refill marketing materials

Translation of Isaac Asimov's "The Gods Themselves" (the Polish title Równi bogom), ISBN 83-86211-83-0


Other types of documents translated:

  • Psychology courses
  • Descriptions of archeological sites
  • VCR user's manuals

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